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ischarged after recovering on Feb. 26. COMMUNITY CONTROL Outside Hubei, the battle against the epidemic has tested the mobilization capacity of China's big ci

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ties and remote villages alike as they scrambled to prevent sporadic imported cases from evolving into community outbreaks. Earlier this month, Be

ijing said about 827,000 people who returned to the capital city after the Spring Festival holiday were placed in two-week home observation. Around 16

1,000 property management staff and security guards were on duty to enforce the quarantine rules. Shanghai, a metropolis in eastern China, has dem


anded its over 13,000 residential communities to guard their gates and take temperatures of residents upon entrance, according to Zeng Qun, deputy head of the Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau. Quyi

Community was among the first Shanghai neighborhoods to adopt closed-off management. Since late January, it has been disinfecting public areas, introducing contactless deliveries and ensuring residents returning from severely affected regions are placed in quarantine. "For those who are under self-quarantine at home, health workers will provide door-to-door v

isits every day, and services from grocery shopping to psychological counseling are offered," said Huang Ying, an official with Hongkou District where the community is located. Shanghai, with a population of 24 million, is among China's most populous cities and a commercial hub. It was onc

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e predicted as the most susceptible to a coronavirus outbreak. Mathematical models

estimated that without prevention and control measures, Shanghai's infection numbers would exceed 100,000. Even with some interventions, the figure could still reach tens of thousands, ac

cording to Zhang Wenhong, who heads Shanghai's medical team to fight the epidemic. "But now, the infection number is just over 300. This

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means the measures taken by Shanghai over the past month are effective," Zhang said, describing the city as an epitome of China's battle agai

nst the epidemic. NEW BATTLEGROUNDS China's economy became a new battleground as the war against the virus wore on, delaying the reopening of plants after the Spring Festival

holiday and causing a shortage of workers with the nationwide traffic restrictions in place.